The Burnt Nickel II

The name of this bike is indicative of the heat-treated steel that has been clear-coated to create a unique and raw finish. Several components from front to back and bottom to top have been given the warmth of nickel electroplating. Lastly, this is the second motorcycle on which Kott has showcased this aesthetic marbleized effect. The retrofitted front drum brake, the sweeping valance header pipe stemming from the freshly rebuilt 400 F motor, the infamously sought after 400 F tank, the handmade steel seat coupled with brown leather upholstery, and the stainless wheel spokes all create a series of warm finishes that give this bike an extremely unique appeal. As the original Burnt Nickel currently resides in Australia, the Burnt Nickel II is destined for Vancouver, Canada--both examples of Kott Motorcycles' world-wide presence.