Kott Motorcycles is an independently-owned company based in the Los Angeles area. We specialize in the fabrication and design of vintage motorcycles, namely bikes from the 1970’s Honda CB series. My love of motorcycles goes back as far as I can remember. I have memories of sitting in front of my dad on a motorcycle as early as 2 years old and I cannot remember ever wanting to do anything else with my life.

The main objective of Kott Motorcycles is to simplify and bring functionality back into antiquated machines. It is of utmost importance to maintain a commitment to work that translates into one-of-a-kind motorcycles that perform as well as they appear. To continually build functional street machines that have café racer inspiration by redefining all aspects from front to back, bottom to top to create a more ergonomic and elegant machine all the while embracing the original vintage soul of these bikes. This is the primary purpose of this shop. This is achieved by bringing a new appeal both mechanically as well as through the enhancement of performance elements subsequently breathing new life into vintage motorcycles.

Special Thanks

A thank you is in order for all the people that have helped to further the success of Kott Motorcycles. To our trusted vendors, faithful friends/family and anyone who has ever taken interest in this shop, we are truly grateful. For those named and unnamed, we would not exist without you. We are thankful to have you in our lives. A special thanks to Alex Martino and Jason Harris. With Alex’s incredible photography skills ( and his ability to accurately capture the details of our bikes as well as Jason’s professionally trained videography; Kott Motorcycles has a second-to-none technical support system.

Press Coverage

Thanks to all the acclaim that Kott Motorcycles has received via press coverage. This has allowed us to become well-renowned both in the US as well as internationally. A special thanks to domestic and foreign motorcycle blogs and magazines for creating an outlet that draws attention to a mechanical revival. Please scroll down to view past as well as present videos and publications.


Allstate Print Ad

This was an Allstate print ad featuring “The Original.” This is my original 750, after all these years its still turning heads.