Every year there is an arbitrary attempt to revisit builds that have been done in the past.  The intention is to use similar aesthetics combined with new ideas or improvements to create a continually refined machine. We then have the opportunity to review two similar builds side by side to showcase improvements that have been made and also to reveal where refinements are necessary.

This particular build is the successor of several classic gloss black 500’s/550’s done in the not so recent past. The rapidity of new and improved concepts concerning handling, performance, comfort and aesthetics has led the shop to new opportunity and success. The dual rotor assembly led to a stout aesthetic fullness and vastly improved braking capability, coupled with a nickel plated rearset  assembly for efficient rear drum actuation. The seat cowling was designed to create the necessary rider positioning but also to create space for a single regulator/rectifier unit and lithium iron battery. As design features flow from front to back, continuity should develop and repeat throughout the build. Hand and knee indentations were added for rider comfort and continued into the seat design. The nickel plating was used sparingly on this build in order to create a subtle touch that did not over power the simplicity of the build concept.  The majority of the hardware used for the build was black zinc plating and stainless steel.