U.K. 550

It is encouraging to know that several of our custom builds have made it across the pond to the birthplace of the Cafe Racer. In order to celebrate the proportions of the vintage racing influence that English bikes have always possessed, I decided to use a GS 650 fuel tank for this build. It's overwhelming proportions, especially in contrast with the seat design, gave the bike the impression of forward momentum. To bring some American influence to the bike I modified the muffler into a shortened slash cut style. I was able to install a custom baffle in order to adhere to UK noise standards but still give the machine a menacing exhaust note. This bike features a new proprietary speedometer mounting system that incorporates the gauge itself and neutral/ flasher indication lights. The Excel shouldered wheels, Avon venom tires and classic maple maroon leather gave this bike an identity all its own. Upon receiving the finished build, the owner remarked that not only had we met his standards of quality but we exceeded it greatly. This is and continues to be the goal of Kott Motorcycles.