Red Pearl

What I feel is most important about any finished bike, with this bike being no exception, are the components that are unseen. For instance, it is often taken for granted the neatly arranged and redundantly reliable custom wiring harness. This bike was fitted with a replaced electrical system designed for this machine only.

Ride quality is optimized only when each and every component is carefully selected to work in unison with the others. When these great lengths are taken, one can always expect excellent performance. I would describe the performance of this build as crisp and immediate. The ride quality is sturdy and the machine has an eagerness about it that is succinct and addictive.

This particular bike was showcased at the invitation-only 5th Annual ‘One’ show in Portland, Oregon. The most encouraging compliments were the ones that touted the timelessly classy stance of the build and the all-business approach toward balance, performance, and simplicity.