The Storm Trooper 550

This late 1970's Supersport 550, aptly named for obvious reasons, included a first-of-its-kind front headlight fairing--a build feature carried into 2013. Notably the overall size and shape of the Supersport fuel tank demands an angularity in the rest of the steel body components. The seat introduced relatively harsh angular lines that fish-mouthed a tightly hidden taillight. The front headlight fairing constructed in the same way as the seat (1/4" steel round bar and sheet steel) also introduced an aesthetic heaviness and height to the machine that filled the obvious void between the prominence of the late-'70's fuel tank and the face of the headlamp. From the rider's position on this bike, one really feels the sense of being connected to the machine. Black oxide and black anodize were used heavily as a finish on this particular bike--something new to the designs of late 2012.